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Teacher's Guides: Levels 1 - 8
A Comprehensive Guide so all the planning is done for you!

Our Teacher's Guides include:

  • Useful information about how to get the most out of the program
  • Video Summary
  • Vocabulary Charts
  • Detailed Lesson Plans (specifying the videos to watch for each lesson along with several optional activities to choose from)
  • Choose from a variety of hands-on, active activities and games to reinforce the Spanish taught in the video
  • Incorporates all program supplements into the Lessons as optional activities (so you can easily use the supplements you have and do the activities that best suit your students)
  • Certificate to give to your students upon completion
  • Activities include classes for a few students to small group stations to large classes. Most of the activities reinforce the vocabulary taught in the videos with the emphasis on developing students speaking skills. There is also some reading and writing practice to a lesser degree.

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