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By joining our membership, you are providing an invaluable foreign languages learning tool that encages students from ages 3 to 103. The standard online program includes the complete eight-level video series along with speaking practice, listening and reading quizzes, interactive worksheets, culture and geography, and a full gradebook to monitor student progress.

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Learn About Our Videos

Kids love to be entertained!  Watching television and playing video games are high on the list of their priorities. 

Let’s use that to our advantage!

In our videos, we’ve switched roles so that the kids are the stars of the show!  They are the teachers, not the students, here.  In fact, you’ll never see an adult’s face…ever, because adults are not allowed here.  By bringing kids to the forefront as role models and teachers for other kids, it seems to makes the learning environment much more fun and relaxed, taking the stress of having to “learn and study” out of the formula.  As a result, students are able to watch, observe and learn without trying.  There’s no notetaking, memorization, or hours of study time involved.  It’s simple – watch and learn.

In this way, kids can do what they do best.  The beauty of this method is that suddenly they, and you, will realize that their able to hear, speak and understand a foreign language automagically!

Our Storyline

Follow along (like the neighborhood kid who won’t go home) in a day in the life of three siblings and their friends!  From breakfast to bedtime, you’re able to see and hear what goes on in their household. 

The storyline was developed in a way so that simple, everyday words and phrases were used throughout.  We laced that with repetition and recall throughout the dialogue in as many different ways possible to create a storyline that was easy to understand and follow.  Next, we included lots of outtakes, which are short little bite size segments, to further explain words and phrases which helps to reinforce what’s going on in each scene.  This, along with many other humorous, musical and colorful additions, helped (*or helps?) to create a video series for any kid age 3 to 103 to enjoy!

Learn About Our Online Curriculum

The curriculum may be done as a full curriculum or as a supplement to other materials or another program.

The video program works for students of all ages, from 3 - 103, since it is taught similarly to how we all acquired our first languages. Students will use different supplemental materials based on their ages and abilities. The complete curriculum is ideal for students in the third through sixth grades but we have supplements for younger students as well.

Our Online Curriculum includes eight levels, each containing:

  • Video Lessons (in Spanish only)
  • A Rapid Review Video Challenge for Speaking Practice
  • Two Listening Comprehension Quizzes
  • Two Reading Comprehension Quizzes
  • A Full Culture and Geography Unit (in English)
  • Two Culture and Geography Quizzes
  • Interactive Worksheets (lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school students)
  • Student Scorecards and Teacher Gradebooks

Our Supplemental Products, for each of the eight levels, include:

  • Teacher Guides with detailed lesson plans and many choices of hands-on activities and games to get your students speaking Spanish; some art, writing, and reading activities as well
  • Printed Student Workbooks with many different activities to practice their Spanish; also includes a full Culture and Geography Unit
  • Flashcards/Cards and Card Games designed to get students speaking Spanish while having fun
  • Sticker Sets used for some activities and to put around the home or class as easy vocabulary reminders
  • Listo Game, a bingo style game based on Levels 1-3
  • Dice Off Game, an active, hands-on board game teaching common, useful verbs and adverbs (may be done with the program or on its own)
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