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The Special Ingredients in Our Secret Sauce
What makes our program stand out from the rest?

Why is one show exceptional and another only okay?
For a truly outstanding product, the sum is greater than its parts. Many unique factors must come together in a special way to make something that is, well, truly special.

Why FL4K Works | Benefits of Our Approach


Kids are naturally drawn to and curious about other kids.  

Children are naturally fascinated with other children. Other kids can captivate students and hold their attention like few other things can. In our 8 level video series, students learn through a lively and humorous storyline featuring a cast of characters of other children modeling the language in fun, life-like situations. Students are drawn into the lives of the children in the videos and before they know it, they become part of the stories, wanting to see what happens next, and forget that the stories are in a different language!

Students Learn a Foreign Language Like They Learned Your First Language. Kids Helping Kids

All of us acquired our first languages through our own experiences and interactions with others. Learning a foreign language should be similar. Our videos draw students into a day in the lives of three zany brothers, who model the new language in common (but fun) life-like situations that children can understand and relate to. Similar to how students acquired their first language, students learn as they connect the context, visual cues, and actions of the characters with the language they use. Since most students don’t have the opportunity to live with a family speaking the language they want to learn, we thought we would give students the next best thing. And students have ample opportunity to practice the new language with any of our games and hands-on activities.

Right Away Students Learn Day-to-Day Conversation.
And they Learn in a Way that Develops the Essential Skill of Spontaneous Recall During Conversations and that Results in Long-Term Retention.

At the heart of language is the connection between people, to communicate our wants and needs and to engage with others to build relationships. Being able to connect with others in a foreign language will provide your students with many incredibly rewarding experiences and excite them about foreign languages.

Unfortunately, many programs, even for children, focus on grammar-based learning or isolated units (such as teaching a unit of only colors, then numbers) and as a result, students lack the skills to have even the most basic conversations, even after several years of study.

With our method of teaching, children are engaged, become part of the stories, and don’t realize they are learning a language. Before they know it, they're associating actions with the new language automatically. Instead of a forced effort to recall, students can quickly and easily retrieve the language they want to use when they need it. They will automatically visualize and hear in their minds what they want to say. It will be natural, automatic, and stored in their long-term memory.

Our Curriculum Offers Teachers and Parents Many Choices so They Can Easily Customize and Implement the Program that Best Benefits Their Students.

Students have different learning styles and Teachers and Parents have different goals for their students. Whether you have a lot or a little amount of time for foreign language instruction, a variety of ages and learning styles in your classes or family, our program will work for you. Most of the Video Lessons are only 5 minutes and the Teacher Guides include a wide choice of different hands-on activities to choose from. Students watch the Video Lessons and teachers simply choose the supplemental activities that work for their schedule and goals as well as their students' ages, interests, and learning styles. 

Students learn in small, manageable chunks that build gently over time.

Children have the benefit of time to learn. They will embrace and take off with a new language when they can learn in small manageable chunks that build gently over time. This reduces frustration and solidifies what has been learned so it’s not superficial or rote but rather, a deeper connection to and understanding of the language.


Students get all the cognitive benefits of learning through immersion.

Learning a foreign language is one of the single best ways to strengthen a child’s brains. It uniquely develops the neural pathways in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, the language centers of the brain.

However, to develop the many benefits in the brain, students must learn through immersion. This is because their minds must work out for themselves the connections between the actions or objects and the language. We never use translation, which will inhibit a student’s ability to think in the language and be more automatic with it. With our program, your students are literally growing their brains as they are also learning a foreign language, which is truly wonderful.

Building Block Immersion: Students learn gradually, starting with words and phrases in natural contexts, which build into sentences and paragraphs over time.

In addition, immersion when taught in a gradual and gentle way, is by far the most effective way to learn a foreign language. Our method teaches using a building block immersion which first breaks down the language into smaller words and phrases and then gradually integrates the language back together into sentences and then paragraphs. In this way, students aren’t intimidated by immersion, which can lead to frustration and a negative attitude towards language learning. It also means that in time, students learn to speak in sentences and paragraphs, instead of just in words and phrases. Many programs don’t include this essential aspect of developing a student’s ability to integrate the vocabulary they have learned into full conversation. This is critical in any successful language program but is often overlooked to the student’s detriment.

Students get the benefits of learning through Stories.

Learning through stories is one of the most ancient and universal teaching techniques because it works. A story with an ongoing plot, good character development, vivid details and colorful graphics, unexpected twists, and humor draws us in and is easier to remember for a long time. Because it paints a picture in our minds, the content goes to our long-term memory and we retain it. It becomes part of us. 

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